A Bitcoin-based solutions ecosystem to help you become financially free

TurinLabs create financial and DeFi products to bring liquidity to Bitcoin through different networks and layers, in order to launch products that help people to live better.


Connecting products, needs and people through Bitcoin

We believe decentralization helps the world and lets people to be free. Our products are aligned with this vision, getting people and companies closer with Bitcoin in a simple way.


Cutting-edge technology that looks like magic

We build infrastructure and products over Bitcoin layers and other EVM chains with a very simple goal: to solve real problems that we all have in the crypto space.

Simple UX

What you see:

Easy to use, powerful and intuitive experiences that don’t require a master’s degree to be enjoyed.

Solid foundations

What you seize:

Our products are built on the Bitcoin network, L2 such as the Lightning Network and EVM networks that solve real and concrete pains (like privacy) integrated in the infrastructure.

Our products are based on:

We are homologated by:


Payments, liquidity pools and custody, we got you 360º covered.

Sell your products or services with bitcoin, buy / receive / send instant BTC or get liquid assets. We may be building whatever you need.

The first mobile APP for instant payments with bitcoin, from fiat money, and for muggles.

TurinWallet is the mobile APP that helps to introduce you in the Bitcoin world without knlowledge about it: it’s oriented to not-expert people, and will let you buy, send, receive and change bitcoin in real time and in a very easy way. TurinWallet avoids volatility holding your funds in a stable way. We make the BTC conversion just in the moment you need to do it, so you can keep calm about prices. Your money will value always the same.

The AMM to bring liquidity to Bitcoin/Liquid network focused on security tokens.

TurinPool is the main framework to build liquidity for security tokens built on a EVM network that guarantees privacy transactions to be 100% compliance with regulation. With TurinPool any company can get liquidity tokenizing their equity. The main innovation is based on the creation of decentralized liquidity pools for each token, following the “Uniswap models” so frequented in other blockchains. TurinPool is focused on equity tokens and it not only solves the tokenization issues, but also the liquidity pains.

The API for merchants to get instant payments in bitcoin, and free

TurinPay is a merchant-focused product to let any commerce to increase Sales accepting instant payments through the bitcoin-lightning network. With a very simple integration and an always-free-model for the merchant, they can interact with more consumers from any part of the world. No waits, no frontiers, no costs. It just works.

Who we are

Built by a team of crypto-pioneers

Our team has been working with crypto and building Web3 projects since before it was cool.


Miguel Caballero

One of the most well-known guys in the spanish crypto ecosystem. Co-founder of Tutellus, Redpill Ventures, Reental, Nash21 and other crypto projects. Writer (2 books), investor and industry popularizer.


Javi 'Sokar' Ortiz

The guy who gets everything works. Sokar is Miguel’s techie partner in all the projects they contribute. He started coding in the mid 90’s, having survived to all changes and beeing always in the top-of-the-wave.


Roberto Díaz

Roberto has been living the crypto industry since 2013, working in some of the first projects (Bit2me), corporates (UST global) and launching his own project (Decentralists) about Web3 and NFTs.


Diego Pérez

Diego is the backender guy who builds the most solid infrastructure any metahuman, monkey or vampire could know. He is the most experienced member (30 years and recently in Banks infrastructure projects).

App developer

Samuel Guzmán

Samuel is a developer with more than 10 years of experience in mobile and web applications, very comfortable working on the company tech stack. Samu is focused on mobile developments.


Carlos Roldán

Co-founder of TurinLabs, Carlos is one of the most recognized guys in the Lightning Network international ecosystem. Working around Bitcoin since 2015, he is the CEO of Satoshis Games.


Carlos Borlado

Also co-founder of TurinLabs and Satoshi Games, our ‘other Carlos’ is the COO in the different projects they launch in SG. Carlos has also a doctorate in Phisics and get people work in the right direction.


Are you a company?

If you are interested in integrating our payment solutions or tokenizing your company’s captable to make it more liquid, we may help you.