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Simplify payments with lightning-fast Bitcoin

It's easy: just send and receive bitcoin using your credit card, pay your invoices in BTC, and store it steadily while avoiding volatility.
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Why use TurinWallet?

Lightning Payments
Leveraging the Lightning Network infrastructure (Bitcoin Layer 2), we enable instant payments, ensuring real-time transactions worldwide. Experience seamless, affordable, and efficient money transfers, perfect for those new to the crypto space.
Fiat On-ramp
Regardless of your location, TurinWallet allows you to easily top up your wallet with Euros or US dollars. We accommodate all types of cards, making it an accessible option for those seeking affordable, functional, and efficient ways to manage their money within the crypto world.
Easy, for everyone
A user-friendly mobile app designed to effortlessly guide you into the world of Bitcoin, even without prior knowledge. Its intuitive interface will allow you to send, receive, and interact with the crypto space in a seamless way.
Cryptographic Security
Rest assured, we employ state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques, combined with top-tier banking practices, to safeguard your funds.

Don’t stress about Bitcoin’s volatility. We’ll hold your funds in a stable way

TurinWallet mitigates volatility by securing your funds in a 'stable coin', preserving the value at the time of purchase or fund receipt, ensuring you always have access to the money sent to your TurinWallet.

Pay wherever lightning is accepted

Simply by scanning a QR code or copying and pasting a LN invoice address, you can quickly pay and create LN invoices to fund, charge, or send your satoshis.

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3 ways to fund your wallet

Funding your wallet could not get any easier. Plus, funds held in the wallet will never be exposed to price volatility. 

TurinWallet interface
Credit or debit card
Easily top up your TurinWallet with Euros or US dollars in any amount, without restrictions, regardless of your location. Keep in mind that your funds will always be in satoshis, but stable. 
Transfer money the way most bitcoiners do. All you need is a BTC address, and after a few confirmations, TurinWallet will safely store your money.
Lightning Network 
Transfer funds in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner possible. Simply pay an invoice and you'll have your money in miliseconds.
The only Bitcoin wallet with developer properties

TurinWallet features “Developer Mode” for testnet invoice payments without requiring faucet BTC. Simply click the 'flask' icon to pay invoices, enjoying a seamless, affordable, and efficient experience.

1. Go to Settings

Click on the settings cog

2. Activate dev mode

Toggle dev mode on until you see a flask on the top right corner of the app. 

3. Ready to Scan 

Lightning invoices can now be easily scanned, tested, and paid. 

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TurinWallet is built on the future of money

TurinWallet, built on the Lightning Network, merges Bitcoin infrastructure with ultrafast Layer 2 payments, offering an affordable, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

Up to 1,000,000 transactions per second

The Lightning Network can support 1 million transactions per second in comparison to 7 transactions per second with Bitcoin (on-chain).

15x faster than VISA

Visa and Mastercard process payments globally, with Visa handling up to 65,000 transactions per second and Mastercard managing 5,000. 

Secure and private 

The protocol uses onion routing to divide data into packets and sends them through multiple nodes with end-to-end encryption, making transactions more secure and private. 

100% stable Bitcoin

We’ll hold your funds in a stable way, so you don't have to worry about the volatility. Your funds are SAFU.

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