Power your finance with $TURIN

$TURIN token is the fuel that powers the growth of a new era of decentralized finance. By holding $TURIN, you become an integral part of a community dedicated to building innovative Web 3 financial products.
A powerful tokenomics design, starting with TurinPool
$TURIN token has many features to offer, starting with its well-thought-out tokenomics design. It features a buy&burn mechanism, where tokens are permanently removed from circulation, positively impacting the token value. Additionally, staking and rewards programs provide an incentive for the community to hold $TURIN tokens, contributing to the stability of the ecosystem's economy.
Interact with our ecosystem in a unique way

Payments and invoices

Pay significantly less fees in bitcoin withdrawals

Bitcoin LN Payments

Get discounts when using its features, and get rewarded for inviting people

Liquid Equity

Get access to unique tokenized investment opportunities and burn tokens in each trade

Payment Profiles

Easily charge your clients through a link or QR code. Using your customized profile
Earn passive income using our DAPP
Want to put your $TURIN tokens to work? Well, we have the perfect solution. Our DAPP offers incredible farming and staking yields to support the protocol. Connect your wallet and start earning $TURIN immediately!
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Live statistics and reward distribution metrics
Get a closer look at the price, staking rewards, distribution, liquidity and other important aspects of the ecosystem using our dapp.
Why TurinToken?
Turin Token is the native cryptocurrency of the TurinLabs ecosystem, built on the Polygon blockchain. The token has multiple use cases, ranging from transactions to access to services from TurinLabs partners. Turin Token is the first step towards revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers.

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