Pricing to suit all business and users

Platform usage fees for users

recurring payments

1% fee on any purchase

5% fee on any sale

0% fee on deposits

0.5% fee on withdrawals

Start investing free

Registration fee for Companies


The company earns 40% of all recurring fees.

Available for any company and sector

Possibility to cash out for partners and founders

Or, cash-in via tokenized capital increase

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Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

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Get Started
* Billed as $420 yearly

Want to start investing?

Simply create an account, set up your profile, fund your wallet with USDT and you'll have access to every market available.

Once inside, follow this simple guide:

Sign up today Free
Step 1

Log into your TurinPool account

Be sure to complete the short KYC after creating an account.

Step 2

Click on "Markets"

Choose one from the available options. We'll always be adding more.

Step 3

Click on the company you want to invest in.

For this example; TurinLabs

Step 5

Click on "Buy"

Note: to sell, follow the same process

Step 4

click on "Invest in (company chosen)"

Choose wisely

Step 6

Click on the "USDT" field.

Enter the amount in USDT you want to invest and click "next"

Step 8

Click on "Confirm"

The app will be doing a web3 transaction for you. Max 1 min

Step 9

Your Done!

You have successfully purchased company equity, that simple.

Step 7

Enter the security code sent to your email and click "next"

Be sure to check your spam folder