The $TURIN token launch, which took place on January 16th, was a resounding success. The public sale price of $0.30 was met with high demand, and $TURIN is now available for purchase on several platforms. $TURIN is also available at Debank simply by checking your wallet, and can be traded and swapped through the TurinLabs Dapp. Additionally, the token can also be found on Quickswap and Sushiswap.

Swaping function in TurinLabs Dapp.

Yield Opportunities and Liquidity

One of the major advantages of holding $TURIN tokens is the yield opportunity it offers. By staking $TURIN, TurinLabs DAPP now provides incredible yield opportunities. Presently providing a staggering 56.54% APR. And, as a bonus, you can farm with an APR of 88.38% at the time of writing. The total value locked (TVL) of the $TURIN token, currently $320,396 and rising quickly, is another positive factor to consider.

Yield and Farming Dashboard.

Since the launch, we've seen an increase in liquidity and, most importantly, price stability. The token’s price has been consistently in the $0.47 - $0.54 range since January 17th, which is a positive sign for the token's future. Keep in mind that you can always keep track of the token's price and analytics by using Dextools or Nomics.

Additional Benefits of Using $TURIN

Another significant benefit of using the Turin Token is the lower fees through our range of products: TurinPay, TurinWallet, and TurinPool, which is coming soon. Plus, the TurinLabs Dapp, where the token is fully operational and rewarding users on a daily basis, is now open to anyone.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Tutellus Team for a fantastic launch made possible by their launchpad and our incredible supportive community. There is much building to be done, and exciting things are in store for 2023. The TurinLabs team is unconditionally committed to scaling the ecosystem and growing our user base, which will in return make the $TURIN token capture unprecedented value.

TurinLabs Products 

What Lies Ahead

To sum up, the $TURIN token's trading and swapping options, high yield opportunities, and price stability make it a valuable addition to any portfolio. Additionally, if you stake and hold the token, TurinLabs products are easily accessible and cost little to nothing. Although I'm not giving you any financial advice, I would advise you to learn more about what we are building so you can see why the $TURIN token is a wise investment. Keep an eye out for $TURIN token, as it has a bright future ahead.

You can always check out our whitepaper for additional information.